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We’re often asked about our history and how Punch! came about.
We’ve had three aims throughout everything we’ve done in our working lives.


To Create, To Entertain, To Grow


This is our story….


From being signed by a major record label and touring the world, to managing the 100m Olympic champion, founders James and Chris have certainly been on a unique journey…


It all began in 2003. With shared ambitions to succeed in the music industry, James, a vocalist and Chris, a drummer met at college. Having clicked over their love for The Cure and The Smiths, and following a few jam sessions in James’s living room, they formed”WinterKid”. And here’s the proof. (James wearing red, and Chris wearing blue.)

Their first single generated rave reviews from NME & the New York City Times and ended up being played on Radio One. The band licenced their album to Columbia Japan and Starbucks/Universal America. A top 10 single in the UK indie charts followed, along with appearances on MTV and Channel 4, being playlisted on XFM as well as touring throughout Europe, Japan and America. James and Chris certainly had gained unique experience in their late teens and early twenties.

James and Chris always knew that their long term future lay in business


Whilst many would deem their music industry experience successful, the reality is that it is somewhat challenging to survive as an artist. James and Chris had certainly”create” and “entertained”, however,”growth” was harder than first anticipated. They recognised a gap in the market. Highly pro-active artist management companies were hard to come by. If artists had ’marketing’ teams around them, then perhaps they would stand a better chance. So towards the end of 2012, the guys decided to set up an artist and talent management company…and Punch! was born.


On your marks, get set…Punch!

The London Olympics had just ended and James was in attendance at a sports management conference where he met Colin Jackson CBE. During a brief chat, Colin explained to James that he was looking for help to set up and launch the male version of the Race For Life. James met with Colin and presented Punch! as an agency who could help create the strategy and brand, entertain his potential audience through engaging content and grow the event by securing major sponsorship. Punch! delivered on its promise, developing the Go Dad Run brand and organising financial support from sponsors. Delighted by the results, Colin introduced Punch! to Olympic 100m champion Donovan Bailey as well as World Champion swimmer Mark Foster. Punch! went on to help secure Donovan a deal with the BBC and Mark with Cunard.


B2B Lead Generation

B2B company had followed the success of Punch! on LinkedIn. Impressed by the team’s ability to’open doors’ for their clients, the B2B company offered to pay a monthly retainer, in exchange for Punch! providing a lead generation service. James and Chris had not only grown their own business but had the opportunity to help grow others. This was a light bulb moment for Punch! Within a year, Punch! had signed up 15 B2B clients and had begun to employ a team of Sales Development Specialists. Since then, James and Chris have not looked back.


A positive outlook

Throughout James and Chris‘s journey, they’ve remained highly positive. They believe the way you look at the world affects the way you can change it. They’ve remained positive through change and this belief has carried through and now plays a major part of Punch!’s culture.


Create. Entertain. Grow

Punch! are now serving companies across sectors, providing high quality lead generation. Never forgetting where their journey began, Punch! exists to create unique marketing strategies, entertaintheir clients audience through content & relationship building and grow their clients business as well as their own.


At Punch!, our culture is all about positivity; it has an impact on everything we do. We’re committed to being a company that our clients are proud to work with, and our staff are proud to work for.
Positivity is at the heart of our ethos, we believe that the way you see the world affects how you go about changing it. We refer to the offices at Punch! as ‘The Hub’, a place where we encourage positive thinking, enabling our team to better themselves and to make us better as a company too.

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