ABM Methodology


Through 1:1 personalised video, social selling, direct mail, guerilla tactics, account-based ads and more; supported by predictive analytics & intent data, Punch!’s pipeline accelerating ABM methodology personalises the buying journey for your customers turning prospects into advocates.


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Together we’ll discover just who it is that you should be targeting and what they’re interested in. Then we’ll develop a strategy to attract and engage them, and create a toolkit to help us succeed.

The lead generation process begins by finding out everything we need to know about your business. We'll learn about your content and social selling strategy. We'll discover what MarTech (marketing technology) you're using. We'll get to grips with your ideal client profile and implement PACT - qualification criteria that's more relevant to the modern buyer.

By finding out who exactly your best clients are and the decision makers and influencers at those companies, we'll develop your buyer personas. These are semi-fictional representations of your ideal customer, and they help us target your prospects in the right way and with the right messaging.

We'll also create your ABM toolkit, our go-to guide for everything our team need to know about your project. It details the content we'll send to your prospects, the sequences that we use to reach out to them, including email, social, video and the telephone, and the messaging that we know will interest and educate them.


Using data analysis, sales intelligence and social listening, we’ll find contacts and accounts who are most likely to be starting a buying journey.

Our outbound team will target both those really big companies that will make your quarter or year, and what we call the 'bread-and-butter' accounts, good potential customers who fit your your target profile. Our in-house lead researchers use sales intelligence tools to give us more information about your prospects, allowing every approach made with personalised context.

The research team also keep us updated on any compelling events that may affect your prospects. These 'trigger events' could signal a need for your services, from a leadership change to a particularly good quarter, to the company receiving funding or being subject to a buyout. We'll leverage any current events that may indicate a potential customer is at the start of their buying journey.

Our team can also handle your inbound leads, from prospects who've downloaded your content to IP tracking of the companies who've visited your website. We'll score the leads according to the level of engagement, and when the time is right for us to speak to your prospects, we can help them along their buying journey right up to the point at which they're ready to meet you.


We’ll reach out to your potential buyers with personalised, targeted messaging using the information provided by our researchers; and qualify the leads using criteria relevant to the modern buyer.

Whilst only 8% of salespeople make more than 4 attempts to reach a prospect, 80% of sales are closed between the 5th and 12th time of speaking to a prospect. With that in mind, we'll create specific outreach sequences for the way we get in touch with each of your buyer personas. Using a combination of approaches by 1:1 video, phone, voicemail, email, social and direct mail, we make sure we're persistent with a message of value to your potential customers.

By using the information given to us by our researchers and what we've discovered about your buyer personas, we lead every discussion with personalised messaging tailored to that prospect. The buying process today often comes down to the question "who do I trust to deliver what I need?" - messaging that's personalised to your prospects builds that trust.

We'll use our PACT qualification methodology to work out if they're a good fit for your business. What pain points do they have that you can help with? Do they have the authority to get their company to move? What are the consequences of them not taking action? And do they fit your target profile?


After the initial connection with your prospect, we’ll really dig deep to understand their business, their needs and their challenges. The insights that we’ll get from them will help us give you a properly qualified sales opportunity.

We'll use our discovery call with your prospects to really get to understand their business challenges, goals, and plans. Potential buyers know that the pushy sales pitch is a thing of the past; and so do we.

We'll keep your buyer's needs and goals at the centre of the conversation. By focusing on their plans and challenges and offering help and advice, we can create the relationship of trust that's more likely to lead to them becoming customers. Today, prospects don't want to know what products you sell, but rather, what problems you solve.

At the end of the call we'll know whether the opportunity is worth handing over to you to advise the client in person. It means that every lead and opportunity that we pass your way is sales-qualified, and has a much better chance of turning to business. No more time wasted in meetings that don't go anywhere, only bona fide sales opportunities.


When the prospect is ready to take things further, we’ll pass the lead back to you. We’ll arrange the meeting, facilitate the introductions and give you all the information you need to succeed.

When the prospect has reached the bottom of the sales funnel, that's when we'll hand the lead back to you to close. Whether we schedule a face-to-face meeting, a conference call, or a webex, we'll find the best way of getting you in front of your potential customers.

We'll send diary markers to all attendees, and make the necessary introductions via email. We'll also send an SMS to the prospect 24 hours prior to the meeting.

We'll send a detailed report for every opportunity that we create. You'll have full access to everything our team have discovered through the ABM process, and you'll be fully briefed on the prospect and the opportunity.


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