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Intent Data… What Are You Waiting For?

By Charles Barkham

Intent Data

Intent Data is providing many businesses with the insight needed to target companies that are in a buying window. If you’re reading this blog, you’ll likely know what intent data is by now, so I’ll spare you the definition again – if you need a refresher, check out our blog What is Intent Data? But for […]


How to Segment Your Target Accounts for ABM using STEM

By Owen Steer

Account Segmentation

The Compass to Success In the current B2B landscape, you’ll be hard pressed to find anyone who hasn’t heard of Account-Based Marketing (ABM), essentially the marketing equivalent of finding out the world isn’t flat; and all the new possibilities that are now available to explore! But just in case… here is a succinct summary of […]


How to Create Your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) for ABM

By Owen Steer

Ideal Customer Profile

Let’s get started with a statement that I want you to bear in mind as you read the rest of this blog; understanding who your IDEAL customers are and what THEY care about is the cornerstone to ensuring your business is adding value! This in turn builds positive business relationships that drive revenue, retention, and […]


How to Find Your Ideal Client Profile [Free Template]

By Chris Muldoon

Ideal Client Profile

“Who are the best type of clients for my business?” It’s a question everyone responsible for sales at an organisation asks themselves at some point. And it’s easy to see why. Knowing which prospects have the potential to not only start working with your company but stay with you for a long time is invaluable. […]


November’s LinkedIn Roundup: Now You Know?

By Jasmin McVeigh

As the countdown to Christmas begins, we thought we’d give you the best gift of all… some fantastic social selling and lead generation insights which will leave you feeling motivated in the last few weeks of the year!