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6 Signs You Should Be Asking Your Clients For Referrals

By Chris Muldoon

Asking Your Clients For Referrals

Have you considered asking your clients for referrals, but never got round to actioning it? You might think that you don’t need a referrals scheme at all… Think again. Without a structured programme in place to actively win more business through client referrals, you are potentially missing out on the holy grail of sales: high-quality, […]


An Interview with Tony Altham, Referrals Expert

By Catherine Pope

Tony Altham

Recently I was lucky enough to be able to pick the brains of business networking and referrals expert Tony Altham to learn about the value of referrals to a business. Tony is the executive director of the Business Networking Institute (BNI) Staffordshire, managing business referral groups where he delivers coaching and training to help his members […]


Why You Should Make a Client Referral Program Your Number 1 Priority!

By James Snider

Client referrals are a hugely powerful channel for new business, and yet many sales teams aren’t utilising this strategy for getting new, quality leads. Most of us know we need to be winning referrals via a structured client referral program, but may not yet be dedicating sufficient time to it. After all, if you aren’t […]


An Interview with Ian Moyse, Sales Expert

By Chris Frampton

Ian Moyse

Recently, I was able to pick the brains of inside sales expert, Ian Moyse. He was awarded Sales Director of the year 2015 by the Institute of Sales & Marketing, is rated #1 Social Influencer on Cloud by Onalytica in 2015 and 2016 and is listed on a growing number of sales and social sales expert […]


What is Intent Data? – How to Use it in ABM

By Jonathan Penny

Intent Data

As I’m sure you’re aware, tools like Hubspot have made it possible to track which companies are looking at your website… however, what if you could get hold of data that tracks the online behaviour of all of your target accounts, across the whole of the world wide web? Cue Intent Data – your ABM teams new best friend!


The Case for Social Selling [Slideshare]

By James Snider

Case for Social Selling

Back in 1996, if you’d asked someone about their social network, they’d have probably listed the guests they invited to their last dinner party. Now we live in an era when our social networks can involve hundreds of friends, and potentially millions of followers.  The question for B2B companies is how best to use the […]