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Video Prospecting – 3 Reasons You Should Adopt it this Year

By James Snider

Video Prospecting

Video is taking over the internet. That’s undeniable. Cisco has predicted that by 2020, video will account for 82% of all internet traffic. So if video is becoming such a necessary part of a company’s internet presence, why are so many B2B companies not making use of it as part of their strategy to build […]


Push and Pull Marketing – Everything You Need to Know…

By Chris Frampton

push and pull marketing

Hands up…how many of you know about push and pull marketing? Okay, I’ll start with an easier one – how many of you are still keeping your New Year’s resolutions to get back to the gym? Well if you’re still reacquainted with all the machines and free weights, you may have noticed something. The exercises […]


The Top 5 Email Responses to 1:1 Personalised Video Messages

By Holly Spooner

One of the best tactics you can deploy in ABM is 1:1 personalised video messages. They are a refreshing, more human approach in comparison to the same old plain text emails that your future customers receive on a daily basis. This blog will serve to showcase some of the best responses to 1:1 personalised video […]


The Case for Account-Based Marketing (ABM) [Slideshare]

By Holly Spooner

Case for Account-Based Marketing

In the past, the idea of tailoring your marketing outreach on an account by account basis would have been dismissed as a costly and time consuming endeavour. With the rise of marketing automation tools and as it is easier than ever to identify buying signals, account-based marketing now provides a better ROI than any other […]