September 29, 2016 // 10:28 am

The Case for Social Selling [Slideshare]

By James Snider

Back in 1996, if you’d asked someone about their social network, they’d have probably listed the guests they invited to their last dinner party. Now we live in an era when our social networks can involve hundreds of friends, and potentially millions of followers.  The question for B2B companies is how best to use the social networks to our advantage? We make the case for social selling.

Case for Social Selling

The Case for Social Selling

Social selling is the process of using social media to reach out to and engage with your prospects online. It’s focused on the needs of the modern buyer, providing them with the information they need until they’re ready to make a purchase decision. But is it necessary?

You could disregard research showing the majority of B2B buyers assess potential suppliers using social media. Or that most salespeople feel that they don’t have an adequate social selling program in place.

You could ignore the fact that more and more B2B researchers and influencers are Millenials; digital natives who’ve grown up using the social networks.

Or you could take a look at the slideshare below, where we make the case for social selling, and why you should be putting in place a strategy designed to build relationships with your buyers over social media. (And click here to see what the social selling process at Punch! involves.)


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