April 3, 2018 // 3:00 pm

How to Win Referrals – A Guide for Sales Directors [Free E-Guide]

By Chris Muldoon

Generating new sales opportunities can be tricky business. The good news, however, is that the best opportunities might well be right under your nose… and you don’t even know it! So, for information on client referrals, look no further than our Sales Director’s Guide to Winning Referrals!

How to Win Referrals

The most cost effective channel of them all, is getting referrals from your clients. You’ve already done the hard part by establishing a great working relationship, but you won’t be the only company your clients have a good rapport with. You can leverage the bond you already have and ask your clients to put in a good word for you to their clients or people they know. Then, build and enhance those relationships by incentivising referrals with gifts, product discounts and offering referrals of your own, all of which are great ways to encourage your customers to stay loyal to your business.

Referrals will also help to build your brand awareness. Companies spend thousands on their advertising campaigns to try and get their name out there, but your clients could be helping to do this for you. You might find that one of their clients or somebody they know has an immediate need for your product or service.

A referral might not turn into immediate business, but if you encourage your clients to spread the word, it could lead to an easy win. Wouldn’t it be great if when you ask your next inbound prospect how they came across you, it turned out they were chatting over dinner with the client you’ve asked for referrals from. Surely leads don’t come through much simpler than that?

So have a read of our E-Guide, How to Win Referrals – A Guide for Sales Directors, to discover how easy it is to set-up a referral scheme of your own and most importantly how to win referrals!

How to Win Referrals – A Guide for Sales Directors [E-Guide]

Winning Referrals

Client referrals can be one of the most powerful sales tools, delivering a better ROI than any other channel, yet most people aren’t taking advantage of them! By creating your own client referral strategy, you too can unlock this untapped sales channel.

You’ll learn:

  • How to start your own referral scheme
  • Why referrals are so important
  • The value of having a referral scheme
  • How to reward your clients for their referrals
  • How great the ROI is


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