November's LinkedIn Roundup: Now You Know? - Punch!

November’s LinkedIn Roundup: Now You Know?

As the countdown to Christmas begins, we thought we’d give you the best gift of all… some fantastic social selling and lead generation insights which will leave you feeling motivated in the last few weeks of the year!

Here are the key highlights from director James Snider and Chris Muldoon’s November blog posts, let them motivate you and your team to end the year with a fist Punch!

Now you know….

1. The Four Pillars of Social Selling

To be successful in a fast-paced technology-driven sales environment, it’s crucial to understand the four pillars of social selling. Director James guides us through how to lay the foundations of social selling and gives us his top tips on:

  • Creating a professional brand
  • Finding your potential buyers online
  • Engaging your potential buyers with insights
  • Forging lasting business relationships

2. Is BANT Still Relevant?

The concept of BANT is used worldwide by sales teams to qualify leads. But is it still fit for purpose? Chris discusses the concept, and how it may not be as useful today as it was pre-internet. He also gives his advise on a far more useful tool for qualifying leads, a must read!

3. Alumni Sales on LinkedIn

Research shows that people are more likely to buy from those they have a personal connection with – 4.2 times actually! James explains how to leverage the Alumni Sales feature on LinkedIn to score more sales. Some highlights include:

  • How Alumni Sales will help you score more leads
  • How to find Alumni Sales on LinkedIn
  • LinkedIn Saved Searches for Alumni Sales potential

4. How to Maintain a Successful Home/Work Life Balance

The best sales strategy in the world is no use if your home/work life is out of balance! Chris shares his top tips for getting the balance right, from knowing when to switch off from the business and tips on doing so. Highlights include:

  • The challenge of a 24/7 world
  • Making technology work for you
  • How rest time can boost creative problem solving abilities
  • Using a ‘time bank’ system
  • Making the most of flexible working

We hope these tips help you ramp up your sales this year and next! Don’t forget to follow directors James and Chris on their LinkedIn profiles to keep on top of the latest in social selling and sales development.