December 15, 2017 // 10:00 am

The Perfect Sales Voicemail – How to Get More Callbacks

By Chris Frampton

It is an ill-founded belief within the sales and marketing community that the sales voicemail is dead. That people no longer listen to messages on their mobile or on their DDI. Salespeople are under the impression that prospects would rather read an email and then decide whether to reply after consideration than listen to a voicemail and return a call to a relative stranger. Many even think that people delete their voice messages without even listening to them; especially if it comes from a number they don’t recognise.

Sales Voicemail

Of course any successful salesperson knows that simply isn’t true. The key is how you leave that perfect sales voicemail. Sales strategist Jill Konrath has stated that 97% of cold sales calls now go to voicemail. The key to a successful voicemail strategy is to make every single one you leave both unique and memorable and not to fall into the routine of leaving the same message over and over.

Whilst there is no perfect sales voicemail that can guarantee you a sale every time, there is a certain formula you can employ in order to increase your chances of a result. This takes practice and preparation. It needs to be a certain length, have a certain tone and contain the relevant content needed to achieve reciprocation. Here are some tips to achieving that perfect sales voicemail.

1. Use an Effective Outline

Don’t start by introducing yourself. The majority of prospects will hangup/delete if the first thing they hear is a name or company they do not recognise. You need to draw them in before stating your details. A good example would be:

“Hi XXXX  I’ve just been doing a bit of research, and noticed on LinkedIn you’ve recently become Head of Marketing at XXXX. I’m sure you’ll have plans on how you want to take the company forward and I’m keen to discuss some ideas with you.  This is James from Punch! here, I’m going to send across an email now, meanwhile, I can be reached on 01483 778899 that’s 01483 778899.”

Leave your contact number twice at the end of the call so they have plenty of time to jot it down rather than have to replay the message again. Use the prospects name often to increase familiarity.

2. Don’t Sell

Your aim on the perfect sales voicemail is to garner their attention so they call you back; THEN you can pitch them. Keep it to a snappy length – preferably under 30 seconds, provide context if you have had any contact before or reference a piece of content you have or will be sharing with them.

3. Be Positive

Sound enthusiastic and not monotonous. Use strategic pauses so it doesn’t sound like a rehearsed script. Speak with authority and in a clear voice. Control your speed; you might be keeping the message short but there is no need to rush your tempo. This all comes back to practicing so you come across as natural and commanding as possible for the perfect sales voicemail.

4.Practice Your Sales Voicemail!

Have your script in front of you. Have it memorised so you sound conversational and not like the Speaking Clock. Record yourself leaving voicemails on your own mobile and then play them back. Evaluate yourself on how you sound; would you call you back?

The most important thing to remember is that if you don’t receive a callback straight away then it is not the be all and end all. Often a voicemail might trigger a response 6 months down the line when a need arises for a prospect. It’s important to be persistent and believe that the next message left will achieve a response. If every message you leave is the perfect sales voicemail then your response rate should begin to improve immediately.




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