Thanks for having us, B2B Marketing! - Punch!

Thanks for having us, B2B Marketing!

This November 5th we took part in B2B marketing’s ABM conference. This year’s event demonstrated everything needed to master account-based marketing, and encouraged ABMers to face the challenge and achieve success!

It was great fun to be a part of the sold-out event and we were so pleased with how many people enjoyed taking on our quest to find the castle and unlock their ABM fairytale.

Our guise as the ABMers’ fairy godmother saw event attendees picking up their magic key, before searching out the castle, where they could unlock their personalised fairytale, written with them and their businesses in the starring role.

Clearly, recognising ABMers by their rightful titles (of Princes and Princesses, of course) was well appreciated by event-goers:

We’re so thankful for the response we’ve seen online and hope that we have helped to showcase just how ABM can fit in to your businesses’ happily ever after!

Take a look at our highlights of the day on Instagram:

And, in case you missed the event, get in touch via our contact page and we’ll help you on your way to writing your very own ABM fairytale.