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The Top 5 Email Responses to 1:1 Personalised Video Messages

One of the best tactics you can deploy in ABM is 1:1 personalised video messages. They are a refreshing, more human approach in comparison to the same old plain text emails that your future customers receive on a daily basis. This blog will serve to showcase some of the best responses to 1:1 personalised video messages that we’ve encountered and will convince you that you’ve got to start using them!

To Infinity and Beyond!

By taking a more personalised and customer centric approach, not only are you more likely to reach your future customers, but you’re more likely to create a business relationship because the effort shows that you really value them as a customer!

This really boils down to great customer service. It is all about going above and beyond to humanise and add value for your customer at every given opportunity; it’s what will separate you from your competition and the results will speak for themselves! But don’t take my word for it, here’s 5 testimonials in response to 1:1 personalised video messages:






How often do your emails get responses with dates and times for an introductory call!? As you can see for yourselves, these emails have come back from prospects who openly admit they wouldn’t ordinarily respond to a cold email. Using the video technique, it shows future customers that you’re interested in them in a way that a generic marketing or sales email could never do. 1:1 personalised video messages helps you break through the noise!

The approach can drive future opportunities too, check out this example of someone who really loved the personalised video and took the time to engage and respond regardless of immediate business opportunity!

Honourable Mention

It’s not often you get respect over email…

Of course we’re biased as these are some of our favourite responses, but have you ever had replies like these to standard emails? We’d love to hear from you, so let us know the best responses you’ve had to your own marketing emails!

Let’s Get Personal!

If you’re doing ABM and you aren’t utilising videos, you’re missing a trick! Take the leap and start putting a face to your emails. If you need help with integrating video into your ABM strategy, get in touch!

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