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Fujitsu: Keep Your People Safe

A VIP invitation campaign promoting Fujitsu’s open forum on violence and threats in the retail industry.


Fujitsu approached Punch! looking for a unique way to invite VIPs to an event titled ‘Keep Your People Safe’. This event focused on the rising problem of violence and threats in the retail industry to both employees and customers. Fujitsu has developed a plethora of solutions to help combat these threats, and it was important for the solutions to be highlighted in the material we created.


Punch! developed an engaging invitation for 15 key customer accounts. We created a piece of artwork containing hand drawn employees and customers standing in a crowd together. The employees’ uniforms were personalised to each customers brand.

The potential threats that Fujitsu can help their customers overcome were hidden among the illustrated people, as well as Fujitsu’s solutions to those problems. We created an accompanying table of items to help recipients search through the illustration and find all the threats and solutions.

The invitation packs included a poster containing the piece of interactive artwork, Fujitsu cards with further insights on the solutions, and an invitation to the event. An A1 poster was also gifted to each customer account for them to hang up in their office.

As part of our ongoing efforts to drive value for customers, we used an ABM approach to tailor our ‘Keep Your People Safe’ event for 15 key customer accounts. The responses and engagement from these accounts was extremely positive, and the event was a huge success. Big thanks to Punch! for their creative minds!

- Callum Jones, EMEA Retail and Hospitality Marketing Manager