OKI Races into Retail with ABM - Punch!

ABM One-to-few

OKI Races into Retail with ABM

A remote-control themed ABM one-to-few campaign to help OKI penetrate target accounts in a new sector.


OKI provide print solutions to businesses in over 100 countries, across 5 continents. Punch! was tasked with promoting OKI’s ‘C800’ printer range to key influencers in the retail industry in a fun and creative way.


In order to take a new proposition into the retail market, Punch! needed to carry out extensive research to understand the challenges being faced at a sector, account, and persona level. The major challenges discovered were maintaining brand guidelines across all stores and being able to roll out promotions with speed and flexibility.

Punch! then created the ‘POWER POS’ brand name for the proposition and developed a campaign theme centred around the idea of ‘Remote-Control Print’.

What if stores had a high quality colour printer capable of handling all signage formats up to A3, while head office maintained control of the design and branding centrally?

Remote-control cars were sourced and included as part of a direct mail impact box that was sent to three people at each of the 28 target accounts.

This was accompanied by personalised one-to-one video emails driving contacts to a bespoke landing page, these housed account-specific infographic videos, persona challenges, and a calendar that encourages prospects to book a meeting with the OKI Sales team.  Account-Based Ads were also pushed to key individuals within each account to further build awareness of the POWER POS solution.


Email Open Rate
Click Through Rate
10x more pipeline generated vs traditional demand gen

The engagement results of ABM have been fantastic, we’ve had calls booked, meetings for events, RFP planning sessions, and prospects going out of their way to let us know how much they love the remote-control cars. Within 6 months we have already generated 10x more pipeline than we would have using traditional lead gen!

- Javier Lòpez, Head of Vertical Solutions EMEA