Siteimprove Secret Code Contest - Punch!

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Siteimprove Secret Code Contest

Providing marketing support at two of the biggest digital experience conferences in Europe.


Siteimprove provide software to help businesses manage their digital marketing performance. Punch! were briefed to drive traffic to Siteimprove’s conference stands at both the Adobe Summit in London and the DMExco in Cologne.


Encouraging delegates to take time and stop at your exhibition stand can be quite a challenge at large busy events.  Punch! therefore needed to develop a compelling enough trigger to ensure the Siteimprove stand was visited by as many delegates as possible.

To do this, we designed thousands of scratch cards, each containing a hidden code.

The scratch cards were distributed to delegates and the hidden code provided the opportunity for delegates to open an electronically locked transparent safe housing an expensive Bose speaker.

If their code was correct, the safe would open and the delegate would win the Bose speaker.

Punch! were extremely professional and they’re quick in the way they work. They helped to create a real buzz around our stand and it was as exciting for us as it was for our visitors to see who managed to unlock the safe!

- Rhea Conway, Head of Marketing UK