September 8, 2016 // 2:21 pm

Apprenticeship News

By Jasmin McVeigh

At Punch!, we’re strong believers in the value of apprenticeships to a business.  The education and experience that a young person can gain in a working environment will stand them in good stead for the rigours of professional work.  We believe that by offering young people the opportunity to develop with us in our busy office, we’re not only helping shape the workforce of tomorrow but adding value to our company.

Aaron with the team (second from the left)

(Aaron second from the left)

One such apprentice who joined Punch! at the end of 2014 was 17 year old Aaron Gudge.  Aaron was on a QA Apprenticeships scheme, studying for a Level 3 Diploma and Level 3 Apprenticeship in Sales.  QA, who have been operating since 2009, are rated as ‘Outstanding’ by Ofsted, and are at the forefront of IT and Business apprenticeships.

Having come straight out of college, the environment of a busy marketing business was quite a change for Aaron, but he impressed Director Chris Muldoon with his attitude.

“Aaron came into the company knowing nothing about our industry and environment and immediately showed his willingness to learn, taking everything on board and picking up new skills. He’s now one of our top performers and is achieving results for all his clients on a daily basis.”

Aaron quickly took to appointment setting and lead generation, working with clients dealing in commercial interior design, app development, IT systems, and office equipment leasing.  He soon became one of the company’s top salespeople, consistently delivering results across the board, pleasing our clients and helping us retain their business.

Punch! are passionate about incentivising our staff, to encourage focus and a positive attitude.  Each month, we award a ‘Champion of the Month’ prize, to the employee who has most demonstrated professionalism, a good attitude, excellent work ethic and has got results.  The employee with the most awards at the end of the year wins the ‘Champion of the Year’ prize, and we’re delighted to say that at the end of 2015, our Champion of the Year was Aaron.

This is a fantastic achievement for someone who had never worked in a professional environment before, even more so as he beat many more experienced full-time members of the team to the prize.  As a reward for winning, Aaron was taken for a nine-course meal with the board of Directors, at the Michelin starred Drake’s restaurant in Ripley, Surrey.

On the experience of working at Punch! and learning the ropes as an apprentice, Aaron said:

“Punch! fully supported me and helped me find the balance between doing my day to day coursework and my work responsibilities.”

“Apprenticeships are great, because they give you the experience of working in a real life company, but at the same time I can learn, further myself and get qualifications too.  It’s a step up from school, gives you a lot of industry experience and prepares you for the world of work.”


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